Offer Policy

The following statement discloses Safecode Technologies India Private Limited (from now on referred to as "Safecode") Offers Policy is for customer or reseller to know benefits of the offers and discounts. We update our Policy Periodically without any notice; kindly visit this page occasionally to stay informed about any changes in these policies.

  1. Safecode will send SMS of offers and discounts on every festival and every important day to customers and resellers.
  2. Offers for customers or resellers will be valid until the date mentioned in the SMS. After the date of expiring, the offer will be not valid to customers and resellers.
  3. If customer or reseller has their Safe Points and they get SMS of any discounts on the Safecode Products, customer can use whether Safe Points or discounts. Customers or Reseller cannot use both the offer method.
  4. If Safecode website traffic increases and customer or reseller purchase in bulk and they face error while payments or any other in that case Safecode is not responsible for any issues because it depends on server and customers internet speed. Safecode cannot do anything in that case.
  5. When any customer or reseller gets any coupon code or any discounts, first they to create a Safecode account on the website only after they can purchase the Safecode product and use the coupon code.
  6. Customer or Reseller gets any discounts at first, and after some days Safecode gives less discount as compare to before discounts, in that case, customer or reseller cannot claim on Safecode. The company management decides discounts and offers in festivals.
  7. Any offers or discounts available only on Safecode Official websites, not valid for other online portals or e-commerce websites.
  8. If the customer or reseller has used their coupon code or discounts and purchased any Safecode Products, due to some reason if they applied for a refund before 14 days, they will get a full refund inc GST they have purchased on billing price. But if the customer or reseller applied for a refund after 14 Days of Purchase, then the customer or reseller gets only Sub Total Amount they can't claim their GST Amount. We have already paid that GST amount to the Government of INDIA.

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